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How Carmen Catering doubled their productivity with Catering Systems

Growing 20-30% year over year, Carmen Catering managed to keep their sales and project management headcount the same throughout a rapid growth period. They credit some of this success to the Catering Systems software, so let’s look at how they did it.

The customer

Carmen Catering, the top catering company in Estonia, with a market share of 60%—with no marketing budget to speak of—at its peak.

The problem

During a period of rapid growth, Carmen Catering started feeling an urgent need for one central system to keep track of all the different events, dishes, partners, and everything else that goes into event planning. A catering sales manager might be working at 100 events at the same time, some of them scheduled to happen in 6-12 months’ time, while others are right around the corner. Handling a schedule like this manually is a nightmare, so the number of things that could go wrong at any given time became a massive drain on team productivity.

The fix

The Catering Systems software allowed the Carmen Catering team to manage the admin side of an entire event from start to finish. From creating the event in the calendar to sending out invoices, all the information and project management came together in one intuitive environment—one tool for every team member involved in the planning process.

The result

  • 2x increase in sales manager productivity (working time vs revenue created)
  • Project managers can work on 15-20 projects daily, 200-300 per month
  • A maximum of one work day to learn and master the program
  • High employee retention — everyone enjoys simplified processes in one tool

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