The Catering Systems Story

Ironically, the most crucial part of putting on unforgettable events as a catering business is the one that happens to be the least exciting — the admin.

At any given event, there are hundreds of unique details to remember and a whole roster of partners to juggle. Every team member needs to have the right information at the right time to make sure things run smoothly from start to finish.

Back when our founding members were running a rapidly growing catering business, the team used spreadsheets and calendars to manage all of this manually. As the business continued to grow, the spreadsheets became too much to handle. The number of things that could go wrong was growing along with the number of events we were catering. We needed to optimise our operations and use our team more effectively.

What do you do when you can’t find the kind of software your business needs to thrive?

You build it yourself, of course. We knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it.

So, we built our own software for managing the entire admin side of event planning — from creating the event in the calendar to sending out invoices and marking them paid.

Productivity started going up like crazy and we realised we had something great on our hands. That’s what Catering Systems is bringing to the catering world — event management software that takes the hassle of admin off your plate. (Pun intended.)

We know it’s good because we built it for ourselves. And our standards are pretty damn high.

Founded, built & led by industry veterans

Argo Koppa

Founder and CEO

A seasoned catering veteran, Argo built up one of the largest and most successful catering companies in Estonia. With that experience under his belt, he is now focused on helping businesses get to the next level by making catering admin a pleasure.

Toomas Järvi


Toomas is the coding power behind the suite of tools making your catering simpler. Over the course of his notable career, he’s honed his skills in the public sector and at large companies alike and is now leading development at Catering Systems to deliver a user-friendly platform that drives business growth for our clients.

Sten Kosina


Sten is a staple on the local food scene, having managed and planned some of the biggest catered events in the country — from presidential receptions to major Hollywood production sets. In his previous roles as project manager and CEO, he helped build the Catering Systems platform from scratch, so there’s no better person to take the product where it needs to go.

Laura Vana


Laura has led business development and marketing strategies in the hospitality industry for years. Passionate about food and technology, Laura is happiest where the two meet — so helping caterers grow their business while simplifying their admin is a challenge worthy of her skill.